Love Yourself & Fan Favourites

Charlie harrison

Here we are again at that time of the month where we are treated to the latest Erstwilder collection. This time tho we have not one but two collections to talk through.


Quite often we are treated to double launch. Half this collection featured some of Erstwilder's favorite pieces but in brand new colours.


The second half is something completely different from them. They have teamed up with fellow Aussie Mel Stringer to create a full body positive collection.


This is a completely different from anything they have done before, and it's great to see them stepping out the box with this one.


I'm really torn to see how this collection is going to be received, because of how different it is. It really falls in like with what Mel creates tho which is great. I have some pin badges of hers and this goes really well with them.


This part of the collection is made up of 9 brooches and 1 necklace. Most of those are portraits which is great, then we have one body positive book.



I do also love that in this collection a couple of pieces have been made in both lighter and darker skin tones. Previously we have had to pick different designs so its great that both are available.


The second part of the collection is made of Fan Favourites. This is normally such a hit with fans so I would love to know what you all think of these.


This one is in stark contrast of the Love Yourself collection. With the recolours all being animal based.


I do firmly believe that the Erstwilder animal collections are some of the better collections out there.


This does seem to be quite a good mix of old and new styles, alot of which I personally haven't seen before which is great.


Because of the contrast between the two and the variety I do think there is a little something for everyone. But let me know what you think? Which are your top three?












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