Sesame Street

Charlie harrison



Hello and welcome to the months launch blog for the latest Erstwilder collection!


This time we are treated to something brand new and exciting. Recently we have seen a few different licenced collections and this is just another one to add to the growing list. 


Sesame Street is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year so no matter what your age I imagine at some point or another you will have come across these loveable characters.


For this collection we are introduced to a lot of favourite characters in true Erstwilder fashion. We have one necklace, ten brooches and three sets of earrings so it is not a small collection at all.



Aswel as all this we also have a nice little surprise from Erstwilder themselves. If you buy three or more brooches from the collection you get a FREE Sesame Street sign brooch.


This sort of thing is normally reserved for the Christmas launch so it is nice to see another collection with the same reward.


You don't have to buy direct either which is great for people like me who tend to stick to UK stockists. You can buy your favourite pieces from them and still get your hands on the nice freebie.


Collection wise I don't think Erstwilder have been all that adventurous with this one. Obviously looking back at the last 50 years it would be so so hard to condense that into thirteen simple pieces.


Because of this they have stuck to just character designs. Hopefully in doing this it does mean that most people will be able to find their favourite character amongst the collection.


Within the ten brooches there is actually two brooch sets, Bert and Ernie with their beloved duck and Cookie Monster who wouldn't be complete without his Cookie.


As always I would have liked to have seen more necklaces and a favourite of mine is Big Bird and I personally would have liked to have seen him as a full body brooch but overall I think they collection works really well together.



What do you think? As always I would love to know your top three!


This time mine are: the necklace as I always find it easier to wear necklaces than brooches. Big Bird as he is one of my favourites and of course The Count! Who doesn't love him!


Do you agree?? Please let me know in the comments which ones you went for, and thank you again for reading.


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