Hollywood Glamour

Katt Dandy


Hello and welcome to Irregular Thinking! This time we are going to be chatting all about the brand new Erstwilder collection which launches today.


It was only a couple of weeks ago we were treated to an amazing show of a double collection but this time we are changing direction completely.



We are heading back in time to classic Hollywood Glamour! 


This was a complete surprise collection for me. Obviously I never really know where their creativity it going to take them but I wasn't really expecting something like this. I do feel it does harp back to a slightly older Erstwilder a more classic feel which is nice.


The reason I say this is I fell in love with Erstwilder for their more vintage and 50's brooches they made a couple of years ago and this style seems like it touches on that aspect of the brank a little bit more.


One of the main things I like about this collection is the acrylic choice. Nothing too bold or brash but some of the darker colours have a marble hint to them but it doesn't overpower the design. It's really great to see a more modest collection without all the wild and crazy patterns that can be used.


Obviously there is a time and a place for such things but I think this works perfectly for the designs we have infront of us.


The collection itself is an average sized set from Erstwilder. We have nine individual brooches and one set of three, two statement necklaces and one pair of earrings.


I was really pleased to see that it wasn't a full collection of portraits, as much as I love them it is really nice to have a variety so only four out of the nine are portraits when the rest are much more classic designs.


In this collection I have two stand out favourites. The large film reel necklace is my top pick. We all know I wear far more necklaces than brooches so this one was as absolute must for me.


The second has to be the earrings, I am a little hit and miss with earrings but they are so gorgeous in real life they are my unexpected love from this series. The acrylic is perfect and I think they will work well in so many different occasions!


What do you think? Did this collection live up to everything you had hoped for? Let me know your favourites!


Remember you can shop the whole collection right HERE




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