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Hello and Welcome back to another Erstwilder review blog!


It's only been a few short weeks since our last brooch launch but for me it only feels like a distant memory. I know lots of you loved the Spanish collection but it didn't quite excite me in the way that this collection does.


This time Erstwilder have decided to completely overload us with two very different collections launching at exactly the same date and time. First off we have the Gumnut Babies from the May Gibbs books and then we have the larger Peter Rabbit collection from the Beatrix Potter series.


I'm not too sure why they have decided to launch both at the same time but I do think it's quite handy for international customers. Personally before the first series being from the UK I had never heard of the Gumnut Babies series.


I do think it was a very popular launch last time and have seen many people adore their brooches. I'm not too sure how many other countries outside Australia have heard of the tales so this might be the reason we also have a Peter Rabbit collection to accompany them this time.


So as I mentioned the two different collections come in two very different sizes. The May Gibbs collection is much smaller than the Peter Rabbit collection. We only have 6 brooches with no earrings or necklaces. On the other side the Peter collection has 10 brooches 1 pair of studded earrings and 1 necklace.



I would love to know what people think of the May Gibbs collection because being completely honest I can't fully review them as I don't know enough about the series to comment on style or likeness but if they are anything like the pervious collection then I am sure they will be super popular.


Peter Rabbit is definitely more of a collection for me. There is a Peter Rabbit experience in one my favorite towns in the Lake District that we always try and visit when we go. Not to mention that the collection was printed on our 50p pieces for a while its going to be great to have a brooch collection to match.


I think overall the collection is very well done, it focuses solely on the different characters in the series with none being given any more limelight than the other and its creates a really nice sense of variety. I also think there is something here for most people who are a fan of the series.


Personally I was so excited at the thought of a Jemima Puddle Duck brooch so was delighted to see that one and have it so in keeping with the original drawings really made me happy.


I'm sure I talk about this far too often on Erstwilder launches but the resin choices are so so important when viewing a collection. I think overall they have done very well with these. I particularly love the 'none busy' ones from Peter Rabbit and Jemima they aren't plain and matt but they are not too overpowering that it ruins the look of the design.


I do feel that the odd one or two have gone a little over the top with the resign choices for example I would have loved a Mrs Tiggy-Winkle but thought her face was a little too patterned. It is the same with Jeremy Fisher character, the pattern on his waistcoat is too much and has been used many times before in previous collections.


Overall tho I bloomin love the whole thing. I loved picking a top three from this one as I actually did end up going for three brooches this time around. Jemima was my absolute favourite and was delighted with here, then followed by Peter himself! I think this is going to be a tough one to get hold of as he is the main focus. Finally Mrs Tiddlemouse. I loved her colours and pose and well everything.


So what did you think of the two collections? Did you prefer one over the other and if so what was your top three??


Remember that you can buy the whole collection from Lottie and Lu right HERE at 6.30am UK time!


Thank you again for reading and I hope you enjoyed.















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