Fan Favourites - October 2018

Katt Dandy

Welcome along to another Erstwilder blog!



It feels like it has been a while since we have had a re-colour collection. I usually really like these as it gives me an opportunity to own pieces that I would never had the chance to own before. I think alot of people feel the same. There is always going to be new collectors that now get the opportunity to discover new things that they might not have seen from years gone by.


This collection was quite large by comparison of others. In this we have 16 brooches and 1 necklace. I'm always really pleased when we get a necklace in a collection as they are so much easier for me to wear.


Like previous fan favourites this seems to have been split into a couple of themes with the odd classic piece in there too.


 I think most people myself included will have been looking forward to the Captain Cumulus brooch that we have been teased about for the past few months. Personally I do really like this colourway they they have gone with for this, I think it could be quite dependant on where the stars are placed on the plane but I love mine.


Alot of this collection seems to have been taken from the 'Into The Woods' collection from last year. There is five pieces from that collection alone making a comeback this time. I know it was a popular launch when it arrived last time so hopefully people will enjoy adding to their collection with these.


Another 'theme' of the collection is the ladies. Forgive me I can't seem to remember the name - possibly Deco Girls? There is three of those in this collection and would really make a great set for anyone who loves them.


The rest of the pieces seem to be made up of classic Erstwilder which is where my passion for this collection comes in. I have been collecting for many years but not as actively as I do now so some of these are a great opportunity for me.


Little Lockheart from this collection is stunning. I have the original one from a while back and this is so nicely reworked that I might have to get the new version too. 


Pepita The Polite Panda is also truly a fan favourite. I don't think the stock photos on this one did it much justice. The acrylic on this one is plain and not patterned like we are used to seeing but I really do feel like this adds something to the design and makes it very classic. I know alot of you prefer the solid colours brooches and I think this will be the one for you. 


This time I found it quite tough to pick a top three but I have finally decided on Captain Cumulus, Little Lockheart and the stunning Swan necklace.


What do you think about the collection? What are your top three picks? I would love to know what you think!


















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