Christmas 2018

Katt Dandy


It's Christmas!!
Well ok maybe not quite is it only the start of November after all but it seems every single brooch maker/designer is talking about Christmas already so it is not surprise that the next collection from Erstwilder is the must anticipated Christmas collection.


I do feel that everyone always gets very excited about the seasonal launches, Halloween and Christmas are usually two of my favourite collections of the year as I always love to see what people are going to do differently or seeing some unique designs.


Erstwilder collections of the past have always been a great addition to any christmas outfit and this year is no acception.


While this collection isn't as big as some we have seen in the past there is still quite a sizeable collection for a seasonal launch. We are treated to ten brooches, two necklaces and a pair of earrings.


I'm delighted we have earrings in this collection. I feel we have been missing them in the last few and I do love everything matchy matchy. 


The earrings in this collection are a pale cream set of snowflakes, which is a complete redesign from the snowflakes we have seen in the past. These also come with a matching brooch and a large three piece necklace so if you do love this design you are in for a treat.


Our other necklace is a retake on last years fairy lights brooch but this time they are set more like you would see them in real life, two rows with a chain in between each, this is really one that needs to be seen on to appreciate. I don't think the stock photos are going to do this justice at all.


Overall this feels like a very traditional collection, nothing too wild and crazy and almost like a step back in time to a very calm family Christmas celebration. 


As always around Christmas time Erstwilder offer us a free gift for buying 4 pieces or more, and this year is exactly the same. In previous years we were treated to the christmas cracker brooch, and a smaller pretzel brooch. 


This year we have reverted back to a full sized brooch and what a brooch. By that I mean it is going to be a complete marmite piece. I think you are either going to love it or hate it. Gifted Glaze is this years free gift and it's is a glazed ham. I would love to know what you all think about this, and if it would tempt you to buy another brooch or two to nab it.


At the end of every review I always go for my top three brooches, this is always a difficult decision as I tend to change my mind so many times. I think my final answer is going to be, the candle, the reindeer and the snowflake necklace.


What do you think? I would love to know what your top three are! Pop a comment over on our Facebook page HERE to let me know what you think.












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