Erstwilder - Written in the Stars

Katt Dandy


Hello and welcome along to the latest Erstwilder collection review. This one completely snuck up on me. We didn't seem to have any sort of sneak peeks right up until the Tuesday morning. Considering it launched first thing on Thursday morning that was leaving it a little late even for Erstwilder.




You might have guessed this collection is all about star signs, and was a little bit out of the blue. I still think everyone is waiting for the Africa collection. Erstwilder confirmed this week it was still quite a long way off yet so I think we can put down the pitchforks for now.




This is without a doubt the biggest Erstwilder collection I have seen. 17 pieces all in all. Obviously we have one design for every single star sign. In accompaniment to that we have four different Element ladies. Air, Water, Earth and Fire. I think these are going to be so popular and the resin on the fire fairy is amazing!!




That is not all. We are (finally) treated to another necklace. This one is available to buy, but it is also a free gift when you purchase three brooches or more. Personally I think that a pretty amazing free gift. It is also nice that it is available to buy aswel, as in previous collections people have always fallen for the gift and haven't been able to get their hands on it.




Looking at this collection as a whole I think it is great! It really feels cohesive, everything compliments each other perfectly and nothing feels out of place. Each one of the star signs has the same little star addition to each piece and it works so well.




I also feel like they have listened to public feedback and made these resins alot more simple. We don't have too many overbearing patterns and there is a good mix of textured resins and plain ones. I think people are going to love it.




On that note the resin on Leo the Lion is one of the best I have ever seen. It is amazing, and luckily also features as the background of the necklace.




This collection was designed by Sally Land who has designed some of my favourite collections over the past year or so, and I must say I think she is done a great job with this series.




The thing I like about this collection is that fact that are are not too 'Star Sign-y' I have three favourite brooches, none of which are my star sign and I think that is great. I did worry that people would be put off because something they like isn't their sign but I sincerely hope not.




My top three from this collection has to be Virgo - her design and colours are simply gorgeous. The Pieces - I have a bit of a thing about this design and the choices of resin on this just make it a gorgeous brooch. Lastly we have Libra - there is something very medusa about her and its blooming amazing.



What do you think of the collection? Do you have a favourite? What do you think of your own star sign?




If you are looking to invest in some of this collection you can find everything right HERE


























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