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Katt Dandy



Hello and welcome to another Erstwilder collection review. We are almost a month since the last launch 'Written in the Stars' and this collection has taken us in a completely different direction.



Before we started to see sneak peeks of this collection we had no real idea on what it was going to be. Erstwilder have been hinting for quite some time that we would be getting a reworking of Fairy Bread. Thanks largely to a Facebook campaign for them to bring it back.




Earlier in the month they alluded to the fact that indeed the infamous Fairy Bread was coming back in the next collection. My mind went into autopilot thinking we were just going to get another recolour collection. I know it has only been a launch or two since the last one so I was mildly disappointed it was going to be so soon.




How wrong I was! It wasn't until we saw the second sneak peek of the robot that I realised we were going to get something completely different all together. Toys! Anybody who knows me knows that I like collecting things, figures and toys included so this was going to be very exciting for me.




When the collection arrived on my doorstep I didn't know what to expect. I was very excited to see what Erstwilder had come up with this time and again it certainly wasn't what I was expecting.




Opening everything out, it was very obvious that this is a nostalgic collection, for those of us who remember more 'traditional' toys and games rather than something we would see in the shops today. The whole collection to me has a complete air of Christmas about it (dare I say that in July) and obviously with Australia being in the height of winter at the moment it has that very warm/cosy feel about it.




The collection is made up of 14 brooches, one necklace and one pair of earrings. I must say I'm glad to see a pair of earrings make it into the collection. It feels like it has been a while since we have seen a pair.




Obviously Fairy Bread is one of the main focuses of the collection with a full matching set of earrings, necklace and brooch. I think it gives all different types of people the chance to own one in the collection which is great.




The rest of the collection is made up of traditional toys that you would possibly have played with as a child. These hopefully will bring back great memories from the past. There is a good diversity in the collection with most pieces being very unisex and not all tailored to one or the other.




Unfortunately one piece didn't quite make it in time to me photographed but will be available on launch and that is the cutest little sausage dog wooden toy, such a shame I didn't get to see this one in real life but from the photos I have seen he is such a cutie.




For me it was very difficult to pick a favourite from the collection as they all sit together so well. As a series of 16 pieces I think they all work really well together and were a dream to photograph, which always makes my day a little brighter.




In true tradition, I will always give you my opinion on my personal top 3. This has changed so much from day to day but of the pieces that I had infront of me my favourites would be: fairy bread, the rocking horse and the robot but with the monkey coming up a close fourth.




So what did you think of the collection? Do you have a favourite? Pop on over to our facebook page or Instagram and let us know!




Everything you see today is available to buy: HERE
















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