Erstwilder - Re-colour collection.

Katt Dandy


Welcome to the June addition of the latest Erstwilder launch. I don't know if its because I'm getting older but these launches seem to be coming thick and fast at the moment. It was only a mere three weeks ago that we were treated to the 'South America Socialites' collection.




Re-colours always seem to be a popular choice by Erstwilder fans as it gives people the chance to own designs that are quite difficult to get hold of but also in alot of cases it just gives a new lease of life and a completely different look to a great design.




This collection we have a real mix of older and newer styles in the collection. It is another large collection this time with 14 different brooches. No necklaces or earrings this time again. I'm not sure what necklace I would want to be re-coloured but I always want a necklace in a collection.






It is a very animal based collection again with 11 of the 14 pieces being animals, as again these seem to be the most popular and desired pieces so hopefully this will make some collectors very happy.




I don't know it is because I have been collecting quite a while now but alot of the pieces are not that old but have been quite popular. For example we have three different pieces from the Nihon Journey collection which was only launched in May 2017. They were easily the three most popular pieces from that collection and sold out so quickly that I think these are going to be a great addition.




The rest of the collection seems to be split into two smaller themes, domestic animals which we have three dogs and two cats, and nautical theme, with Sandy the seahorse, Seafarer, Ruby the Boobie and The Kracken.




You know I always like to talk about the resins from each collection, and I feel like these are completely on point. A little bit of detail but nothing too crazy and overpowering which I love. These are the perfect styles of Erstwilder for me. While every design isn't for me as a collection it does remind me alot of why I love the brand.




It was hard to pick three favourites from this collection, I know I have been lucky enough to have alot of these designs in my collection already so I feel that naturally my top three are going to be ones I have previously missed out on.




My favourite has to be the Japanese Crane. It is simply stunning. For me is blows everything else out of the water completely in this collection. The resin used for this is perfect and it is a real statement piece.




Second in line has to be Seafarer. I have always had a soft spot for this design and this is my opportunity to finally own one. The pink is a little brighter in real life than the stock photos, and while I think I would prefer it to be a little bit more subtle I do love the piece as a whole.




Lastly we have the Scotty dog. Something that wouldn't really be on my radar usually but, oh my gosh the colours on this piece outdo everything. The grey and the green work so perfectly together that is really a stunning piece.




What do you think of the collection? Which is your favourite three pieces from the collection? I would love to know.


Remember you can shop the whole collection right: HERE
















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