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Katt Dandy

Erstwilder - Recolours are back.


Welcome along to the final Erstwilder blog of 2017. Much like everyone else this time of year all our attention and focus has been drawn towards Christmas, and with the Christmas collection launching in early November it was all up in the air as to whether we would be getting another launch before the end of the year.

That said if we were following previous years and of course following the very predictable pattern we have had this year our spidey sense would have told us to expect one finally collection to see out 2017. 

Our final collection of the year brings us to another recoloured collection. This time it seems Erstwilder have been listening to the crowds when picking this collection. I know for me I was desperately hoping for another Spiffy and I was in luck!

This collection is split into 10 brooches and 2 earrings. No necklaces this time which I always think is a little shame. I understand I'm in the minority when it comes to loving the necklaces over the brooches. I just find them alot easier to wear everyday and I get the most use out of them.

Unlike previous collections this one is almost unanimously animals with the exception of one little flower creeping into the party. I am quite fortunate with this collection that I have only managed to nab myself one of these previously so they are nearly all new in my eyes.

I know I have mentioned it many times before, but I have done another detailed close up shot of the Old Vs New resins. I'm still impressed by them and continue to be each time I see a new piece. They are so much more refined and I feel that Erstwilder is starting to fight back a little in the ever growing Australian brooch market.


This is also the first time I have seen Erstwilder produce a curved brooch. Saskia the Squirrel is barely flat at all, and the resin both in the body and tail has been moulded into more of a rounded shape. While this threw me off a little at first it really changes the look of the design and makes it look alot less like a traditional Erstwilder piece.

After seeing a couple of the sneak peeks earlier in the week I was a little underwhelmed I must admit, that was of course until I started to photograph them. The colours and resins of some of these brooches are just beautiful.

I always make sure I take my photos before writing each blog because I often find then when photographing certain things it changes my opinion of them and allows me to see them perform in a different way. From photographing these I have three surprise favourites. 

Girlberta Galah, Candy Callistemon and Rohan Yellowtail have become real title contenders for me, and something that I would have easily dismissed when looking at the stock photos. I have tried my best to photograph everything as true to life as possible in order to show you some of the amazing detail on these pieces.

Overall my top three have to be, Spiffy the Dachshund, Ula the Unicorn and surprisingly Girlberta Galah. For me this collection really is a grower, from first glance to now my opinions couldn't be more different. There is a little something for everyone and hopefully show Erstwilder are listening to what we really want. 

I would love to know what you think and hear your top 3, head on over to our facebook page and let us know! (HERE













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