Erstwilder Christmas 2017

Katt Dandy

Christmas 2017

It's Chriisssmas! Ok, well its barely past Halloween and everyone seems to have already forgotten the spook-tacular delights of October and are now fully focused on Christmas. It seems everywhere I turn at the moment someone else is launching their Christmas collection.




While I do love Christmas it can also be a little overwhelming so 'early' in the year. If your anything like me then hopefully this blog will give you a little helping hand before parting with you pennies.




Halloween for me is normally the pinnacle of the Erstwilder launches and as many of you who read my blog will know I loved this years offering! This on the other hand is something else! It blows all previous collections out of the water for me and I loved pretty much every piece.




This time the collection is made up of 14 brooches and 1 beautiful necklace. Over the last week or so we have been treated to a couple of little previews here and there and they have all looked so interesting it was always hard to guess what the collection would be like as a whole.




For me I think this is a great mix of classic design recolours and brand new designs. I always appreciate a little bit of both. I unfortunately missed out on the Snowglobe last year so that was a complete no brainier for this collection but at the same time its so nice to see so many new designs that we get to enjoy for the first time.




I have tried my best to photograph all the amazing little details on this collection. To me this has by far the best quality collection I have seen and the choice of resins have been excellent. Each one holds a little luxury to its pattern but without being too bold and over the top.




You can see from the side photograph that the new resins are much thicker and stronger than previous years and for me they feel so much more hard wearing and less fragile which is prefect for anyone like me who is a little on the clumsy side.




I have also done a comparison photo of the two snowflakes together so you can see the differences in both design and quality, I must admit the new one wasn't on my list until I saw it next to the old one and how different they looked and now I think I might need them both.




This year we are also treated to another free give for those of us who buy more than 4 pieces, which for me won't be difficult at all! For us collectors in the UK I'm pleased to say that Lottie and Lu will be able to offer the same deal which is brilliant.




The free gift this year is a little mini pretzel absolutely covered in hundreds and thousands. Maybe it's just my traditions but I'm not too sure how a pretzel is Christmas related but I like it because I can wear it all year round without it feeling like a festive brooch. Tho if anyone could explain the pretzel/Christmas link I would really appreciate it!




I still haven't officially made up my mind on my top 5 but in no particular order at the moment it stands as: Snowglobe, Fairylights, Tree, Holly and the Wreath. Plus maybe the necklace too as it looks much more beautiful in real life than I expected.




Everything that you see here is available from Lottie and Lu directly: HERE and I imagine that it will be a quick seller this time round.




I would love to know what you think of the collection and your top 5 picks, if you head over to our Facebook page (HERE) you can let us know!






















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