Erstwilder - Wilder West

Katt Dandy


Finally after what feels like an small eternity we are back in the swing of things with a fresh Erstwilder collection to start off 2018 right. It's only been about 6 weeks since the last collection lined our pockets but with everything being so busy over Christmas and New Year it certainly feels like alot long than that.




This time we are treated to everything to do with the wild wild west! Like the Christmas collection back in November these were also designed by the very talented Donna Mizzi. She has graced the Erstwilder design team a few times over the last few years and I must admit that my favourite collections always seem to be Donna's pieces.




As soon as I found out Donna was going to be designing these I instantly got excited! I couldn't wait to see what she was going to come up with and the theme of the Wild West did intrigue me slightly. I thought this could go one way or another, I could either love the whole thing or be slightly passive about it all. I'm pleased to say that it is the former.




For this collection we are treated to twelve brooches, two very different necklaces and one lovely pair of cactus earrings. Each necklace is completely different and are two very different sizes for this collection, the double gun necklace comes in possibly the largest Erstwilder box I've ever seen and is really quite a statement piece, while the other horseshoe necklace is alot more subtle, with smaller details and an overall more delicate design.




There is a very good mix of styles and designs throughout the brooches with the collection containing, animals, portraits and instruments to name just a few. I does appear from the outset that there is a little something for everyone in this collection.




My only worry for this collection is the browns, now don't get me wrong in real life they are gorgeous but as a woman who wears quite a bit of black I will need to rethink my outfit before being able to wear them. Which is not always a bad thing but always worth considering.




I have tried my best to photograph all the little details to help you make up your mind, as I know so many of us don't get to try before we buy. I do think that alot of them contain hidden talents that you can really only get from having a good old close up look.




Once again I am continually surprised by the overall quality of the brooches. I really do feel that in the past 6 months Erstwilder have really started to change their brand for the better. Everything is a little bit more refined and has a little bit more detail than ever before. I really do feel that they are slowly starting to fight back against their competitors in the brooch market.




I always like to do a top 3 from each collection and for me this time there really were a couple of stand outs. The large statement gun necklace is my absolutely favourite, closely followed by the goat and the skull, and of course with an honourable mention to the beautiful horse!




So what did you think? I would love to know your top three! Did you like something completely different?



















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