Halloween 2018

Katt Dandy


Hello and welcome to my favourite blog of the year, well in terms of jewellery anyway. It's Halloween!


Halloween is completely my favourite time of year and I always get incredibly carried away so I am very excited to be talking about this launch with you.




This year Erstwilder stepped up their game and actually had a full Halloween launch party over in Australia so I know alot of ladies (and gents) have already seen the collection but I'm hoping this will be really helpful for the people like me who live too far away from the launch to be able to see anything.




The idea of this blog is to showcase each piece in a little bit more detail so you can see 'real life' photos of each piece and a little close up shot to help you make up your mind.




This collection is quite modest in size compared to some of the ones we have seen in the last couple of months but don't let that fool you there is still lots of choice and some difficult decisions to be made.




In this collection we have 10 brooches and 1 necklace. I'm always going to be a little sad we didn't get any earrings or any more necklaces as I just find them easier to wear but none the less an excellent collection.




Everything you see today was designed by Donna Mizzi who you might know from her own brand Kaiju Candy or from the Erstwilder Christmas collection last year. You can definitely see her unique influence coming through in these pieces.




We have been treated to a real mix of pieces this time and lots of pieces with different colours which I love. Quite oftern Halloween pieces end up dark when they really don't need to be.




It was really difficult decision for me to pick my favourites from this collection and lets face it if I had more pennies I could have easily gone for another two or three more pieces.




I always have to go for the necklace if I like it. I wear necklaces far more frequently than brooches so this is always a win for me, and it sits so nicely on that I couldn't resist.




My next pick was the lady with the green hair. Those of you who know me will know that I myself have bright green hair at the moment so I can wholeheartedly pretend I have a mini brooch of me walking around!




Finally I went for the other witch portrait. Again coloured hair, sitting on a gorgeous moon with a star pendant what is not to love about this. Personally I think this one is going to be the sell out of the collection but I'm not always very good at predicting these.




So what did you think? Do you have a favourite? Did this light up your Halloween desire? I sure hope so as it is a beautiful collection in real life and I hope my photos are able to do it justice.




Everything that you have seen here is available from Lottie and Lu via the link: HERE




Thanks very much for reading!

Katt x












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