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Katt Dandy



Hello and Welcome once again to an Erstwilder Fan Favourites collection blog.



I'm going to start off by saying I 'think' this might be one of my favourite fan favourites collection they have ever done!





For me this is exactly what Erstwilder is all about, the slightly older, more classic designs have come back in sympathetic and flattering colours.




Sometimes we get designs I really love but in colours or acrylics that don't quite suit but this time I really do feel like they have done a good job all round.




There is plenty of designs on here that people have been searching for for years so I think there is going to be some delighted customers.




Of course there is the few that aren't that old or have been recoloured a few times before but then like me you sort of get into the game of trying to collect every colour of the design you like, which can sometimes be a blessing and a curse if you are late to a launch.




I this we have a good mix of old and new for the collection and I love the fact we have three full sets of earrings, brooch and necklace. This makes my matchy matchy heart happy.




I'm really looking forward to finding out which ones are your favorites as I think lots of people will have varying opinions on these.




I must admit it was really hard to pick a top three this time, it could have easily been a top six.




Top of my list, without a doubt is the LeBeau necklace. I have always wanted one of those and this acrylic and colour is to die for. Honestly the purple has tiny little specks of gold in it and its stunning.




Second agai, another necklace is the hot air balloon set. Anything with bright colours, rainbows and clouds it in and I'm pretty much sold. So that one was a no brainer.



Last but not least has to be the Love Cats. I already have this design in another colourway but honestly this one is simply beautiful. I also feel like I could rock this around halloween time so that gets extra brownie points from me.





So what do you think? Yes? No? Not Fussed? Honestly I love hearing what you have to say about the collection (good and bad) so please pop over a few comments.




Remember you can buy the whole collection from right HERE


Thanks again for reading,

Katt xx














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