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Hello and Welcome to another Irregular Thinking blog! Today we are going to be once again talking about the latest Ertswilder launch.




It only seems like yesterday we were talking about the Endangered Animals collection. It fact it's a very quick turnaround this month as it has only been three weeks since we saw the last collection.




I know there has been alot of images floating around the internet surrounding this collection. Especially because Erstwilder themselfs launched the collection with a ticketed art deco themed party.




Hopefully this blog will be a little useful to those of you, who like myself life a little too far away to attend all the fun events happening.




This is one of the largest collections we have seen in a long time. 16 brooches, 3 large necklaces and 2 sets of earrings makes up this 20's inspired collection.




Now please forgive me as I'm not completely familiar with alot of the history and style behind the art deco movement so I'm looking at this collection purely as an outsider.




Obviously I can understand some of the designs from what I do know but there is quite a bit in this collection that I had to check upon and learn about, but I imagine those of you who do know more about this period would have found the collection very diverse and less cliche than expected.




From an outsiders perspective I do feel like this is very much a collection of two halfs, very glitz and glamour on one half then something I wasn't expecting on the other half with the inclusion of many animals and figures.




For this very reason I'm more keen than ever to find out what you REALLY think of this collection. What are your love and hate pieces? Do you just love it all? Please please get in touch and let me know.




One thing I do think this collection had done well is make very beautiful matching sets. We have two full sets in this series, with a brooch, earrings and a necklace all in the same design, which means not only is there something for every collector but it allows those of us who like to match to go wild.




Onto my personal top three. First has to be the SS Normandie, I love cruise ships and large boats. Especially having worked on a few in my time, so this is more of a personal favourite.




The second has to be the sun mirror. I know those who were lucky enough to attend the party will have been offered the exclusive colourway. But that being said the golden/sand colour is still perfect.




Finally it has to be the cat brooch. Mainly for the acrylic on this one. It is simply stunning and oh so wearable with so many different things that I think it would make a really happy addition to anybodies collection.




Anyway enough about me! What do you think of it all? Is it love/hate/indifferent?




I do hope you love the collection and find something you enjoy within it. Remember everything you see here can be purchased from Lottie and Lu right HERE














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