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Katt Dandy

Hello and welcome again to another Erstwilder blog! Only a few days since the last one has launched but this going to be alot more of what we expect.

It was only 5 days ago that Erstwilder launched their first ever scarf collection, and while this is back on the brooch train it is also in very quick succession.

Anyway enough of that, lets move onto the actual collection. This is another large range all designed by the lovely Sally Land. Instantly when opening the boxes you can really tell that this is her style of work. Alot of the animal based brooches fit really well with her Africa collection that was launched earlier in the year.

This collection consists of two necklaces, thirteen brooches and one set of stud earrings. We were teased about these earrings back in April but being honest I had completely forgotten about them until I opened the box.

I really love the theme of this collection, I think its a great series and one of my favourites. Design wise it is a little hit and miss for me personally but I have no doubt that this is going to be a much loved series.

The size of both the necklaces is great, I love a large necklace and these look brilliant and vibrant. I must also say the acrylic of the wings on Pegasys is incredible! I have tried to photograph that to the best of my ability but it really needs to be seen in real life.

I actually think this collection has a good mix of designs, some animals, portraits/faces and some that are just a little bit unusal. Personally I always like photographing the collection as a whole and seeing how all the colours work together and this is a lovely bright series.

It was quite hard to pick a top three on this one again, but I love the grey bunny. The acrylic and delicate design was my top pick, closely followed by the red dragon. That's quite personal for me as growing up in Wales it reminds me of the Welsh dragon on the flag and its beautifully designed.

Finally I think it is the Pegasus necklace, the size and the acrylic choice makes it onto the top three for me for sure.

What do you think of the collection? Do you love it or hate it? As always I would love to know what your top three are!

Thank you for reading and remember you can shop the whole collection: HERE











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