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Katt Dandy


Welcome to our regular Erstwilder launch blog. It feels like forever since we have been able to talk about a new range from the Australian company. In fact it has been a good 6 weeks since we last talked about the Ocean Vibes Collection.


Since then it has mostly been quiet except for a small launch in collaboration with Dangerfield (another Australian company) this was an exclusive range by them so unfortunately no UK stockists were offered the collection. I think this has alot to do with the reason it has taken a little longer for these to be announced. Not that my bank balance is complaining tho!

Earlier in year we were all asked our opinions on what we would like to see from an African collection, so in my head that is what I was expecting to be the next release. This as you can imagine came as a complete shock.

I always enjoy being surprised by launches, sometimes they can have a feeling of predictability about them but this one certainly doesn't at all. Last year we were treated to a Grease collection so I can't have been alone wondering if we were going to get any other movies in the near future and 'The Rock Horror Picture Show' has been our outrageous second instalment.

The first thing I noticed was the new box! I don't know about you but I adore it when we get new box designs, it makes everything just a little bit more exciting. Along with the boxes we have been treated to new tags inside which I have photographed too so you can have a closer look.

Now onto the collection itself. We have a bit of a mixed bag with this one. The collection as a whole is made up of twelve different pieces, three necklaces, one set of cardigan clips, one pair of earrings and seven different brooches.

I do love the fact that Erstwilder are offering more choice for the necklace lovers out there like me. With my more casual clothes I wear I find it so much easier to pop on a nice necklace or earrings than I do with a brooch.

There also seems to be a little bit of a division between the designs of the brooches too, with four our of the seven being different portraits. I think for me this is where the collection gets the most interesting. Particularly in the faces. Erstwilder have really tried to push the boat out with these and they are some of the most lifelike portraits I have ever seen them produce. They have really upped their face game.

With these you haven't lost the usual cartoon-ish feel that Erstwilder is know for. While the faces might be very realistic the rest of the brooch is covered in crazy patterned acrylic and brings the brooches back into the style that we know and love. I completely admire what they have tried to do with these pieces, create something in keeping but without loosing their brand identity.

Moving away from the portraits the rest of the collection looks a little bit more of what we are used to seeing from Erstwilder, bright colours, interesting patterns and well finished pieces. There is a little something in here for everyone.

The thing that I did notice more then ever when photographing the collection is the amount of thought and detail that has gone into some of the pieces, the legs for example. The haven't used a resin for that, it looks like they have put fabric underneath in the exact pattern that they wanted to create the tights and I love that. In past designs we have just seen patterned resin which can sometimes look a little odd as it changes with each different piece.

I know The Rocky Horror Picture Show has a large following but some of the pieces are a little out their. I know this is exactly what you would expect from this collection. Risks should always be taken with fashion and things you love so I hope that those of you who fall in love with the collection wear them loud and proud.

I always like to do a little part at the end where I pick my favourite three pieces from the collection. I was a tough choice this time, but in no particular order they have to be the 'Damn it Janet' necklace, the Lips brooch and I also think the Lips cardigan clips. The resin and finish on the lips is stunning and really a must have piece or in my case twice.

What do you think of the collection? Did you love it or hate it? What are you top three pieces and what film would you really like to see Erstwilder take on next?

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