Pete Cromer Series

Katt Dandy


Hello and welcome to another Erstwilder blog post!



I'm going to start of by saying this has to be one of my favorite Erstwilder collections in a LONG time!


This collection is a collaboration with the Australian artist Pete Cromer. Personally I don't think I had heard of this artist before but looking at his work and some pieces in this collection he certainly has a new fan now. 


In this launch we have the whole collection made up of brooches, 16 to be exact. I would have loved a necklace or two in there but I will keep my fingers crossed for another collab and we might get those then.


All of the pieces in this series are animals with the vast majority being a selection of amazing Australian birds.


I must say they birds completely won my heart and the level of detail on some of the pieces is just stunning!


I for one would love to see another collaboration with Pete Cromer! I know his style is very Australian based but I would honestly buy almost any animal in his style! So ill keep my fingers crossed they think about doing something again.


The thing I also like about new collaborations is we get treated to a new box and tag for this one and I must say the bow is as beautiful as the brooches this time!


What did you think of the collection? As you as gushing about it as me?


Now onto my top three. I ended up with three brooches this time around so this is an easy one to judge. 


In no particular order I went with the Galah - one of my favourite birds, I was luck enough to see one on holiday and was very excited.


Second is the Koala! How could you not love this! The grey acrylic and warm expression was just perfect.


Last but not least was the cockatoo, for me this has the best detail and was honestly just so beautiful in real life I couldn't resist.


Now it's your turn! What is your top three?





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