Erstwilder Halloween 2017

Katt Dandy

Erstwilder - Halloween

Welcome along to my first ever Erstwilder blog post! I know this is going to be something a little bit different than normal but I really hope you love it and I would love you to pop over to our Facebook to let us know what you think!

For those of you that know me you will know how much I love collecting things along with everything a little bit quirky or vintage. I have been collecting Erstwilder now for just over 3 years and have managed to nab myself some beautiful pieces.

 Erstwilder are an Australian Brooch company that specialises in quirky accessories and jewellery. Lucky in recent times we have a few more UK stockists so you don't have to wait weeks for your order to arrive and it all helps saving on the customs and postage fees.

Everything that you can see here is available from Lottie and Lu, those Irregular Choice fans will already know Lottie as a fantastic shoe enabler from Lottie's Atik and she along with Lu from Forty Four are amazing at being able to fulfil my brooch addiction.

Now onto the collection itself! I am obsessed with Halloween! I love it! It's my favourite holiday of the year! Every year I wish I was in Disneyland or in a stereotypical American home with pumpkins and pie. The Halloween collection in any range is something I look forward to for most of the year and this one doe not disappoint.

 We never really know what to expect from an Erstwilder launch. Lately the collections have been getting bigger and bigger and I feel they are really pushing the creative boundaries of what they can create with the new resins they use. This collection contains 2 Necklaces, 1 Set of Earrings and 11 brooches.

In this collection we have started to see quite alot of older designs recoloured, along with a mix of new designs. I was lucky enough to not have had any of the brooches before so they were all new to me which is brilliant. I know alot of lovely ladies who do like to have every colourway or if your like me this is a great opportunity to nab a brooch you maybe couldn't have been able to get hold of before.

Opening the parcel today I have to admit I was the smallest bit disappointed that we didn't have Halloween boxes. Not a big deal by any stretch of the imagination but the Grease launch showed us what they can do so I would love different coloured box for different themes!

Overall I think there is a good mix of items in there with two different sized necklaces and a pair of earrings. I also think the brooches tangent off in very different directions so what might appeal to one person would be completely different to another. 

I think when I first saw the whole collection together I was worried that they didn't all go together and it seemed a bit disjointed. It took me a while to realise that's exactly the point. It's not a collection to sit side by side with each other and have one compliment the other. They are supposed to be viewed as individual pieces of art that come together under the same spooky theme! 

After seeing everything together I found it really difficult to pick just a few items to keep. I ended up with four brooches and a necklace. I must admit this was the first time I was really torn on whether or not to keep the earrings. Normally I'm nor an earring kind of gal but these were so dainty and cute.

The four brooches that I think I am going to go for are the Zombie Witch and Zombie Pin-up Girl, the Kitty in the Moon and lastly the sparkling Bats which match really well with the necklace.

The thing that really struck me with these brooches is the amazing new resins that are being used. I have tried my best to photograph them in all their detail so you can have a proper look before you order. Each one really shimmers and glows in the light in its own unique way. There is a real pearlescent feel to each and every brooch that you really don't appreciate until you see them up close and personal.

Hopefully you like myself are really excited about this Halloween collection. Everything that you see here goes live with Lottie and Lu at 6.30am on launch morning (3rd of October) You can find a link to all your favourite pieces: HERE

Well what did you all think of my first Erstwilder blog? I really hope you enjoyed it and it's something I would love to experiment with more in the future so all feedback welcome!

Thanks again for reading and have a spooktacular week!

Lots of Love,

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