A Fuller Bloom

Charlie harrison



Hello and welcome to another Erstwilder blog!




Halloween is well and truly over at the moment in the brooch world and we have moved on to bigger and brighter things.




It seems not too long that we had a float collection so I was a little worried about what this collection had to offer but I really do think Erstwilder delivered.




This is a huge collection this time with so much variety. 14 Brooches, 2 necklaces and 5 different earrings to choose from. As always I was to see more necklaces but I do think its nice that people can get a matching brooch and earring set.




Considering how popular the last floral collection was there is only two re-colours in this series. The gorgeous hydrangea and the stunning rose. These were easily the most popular two designs from the last release and these are equally as beautiful so I hope people will love these too.




I do think in the last 6 months Erstwilder has changed the way they are producing brooches, they style has changed every so slightly with all the layers and they way they join together so for me this is really the first collection that shows it off properly.




I can't quite put my finger on explaining how its changed but this collection has a completely different feel about it to the other collections and this is due to a different style in the manufacturing. I do think its a good thing. I think they can experiment alot more with different designs this way but I would love to know what you think about it?




Another thing that we have with this collection is a little free-bee (see what I did there) Its a free bee brooch when you buy three or more designs. I think this little guy is going to be so popular and I do wish they had launched him as a brooch in his own right but nevertheless people will love him.




So overall what do you think of the collection? Do you have a top 3? Mine this time have to be the sunflower necklace, I absolutely love sunflowers so this is a complete win for me. Secondly would be the tulips again just a flower in real life that I really enjoy. Finally the hydrangea. We used to have them in my garden as a child so these bring back happy memories.




Now your turn.. what are yours?






















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