Penguins in Love Brooch


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Inspired by the amazing story of Sphen and Magic. *

5 x 3.5 cm brooch, made of methacrylate with different finishes

 Original LaliBlue design. Made entirely in our workshop in Spain.

 * Two male penguins from a Sydney aquarium formed a nest, hatched an egg left by a straight couple and proved to be the best parents in the entire colony: their offspring was one of the few that was born and their relationship became a great symbol for the country.

This delicate piece has been created with a lot of dedication and love, and we hope it will become one of your favourites. Please, do not let it come into contact with water, perfumes, cosmetic products and other substances that can deteriorate it. We advise you to keep it protected from other parts that may damage it when you are not wearing it

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