Lolly Jar

martini and slippers

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Lolly Jar

The Party Mix

I remember when I was a kid and finding even 5¢ on the ground meant JACKPOT. Off to the local milk bar to pick your own mix of lollies. The umming and ahhing trying to make the right choice and also stretch that 5¢ as much as you could. You really would be a maths expert - one of those....ahhhh...twoooo of thoooose...ummm...NO of thoooose. 

The choice has been made for you and now the party mix is in a clear jar you can wear as a brooch. Inside: Banana lolly, mint leaf, gummy bears, snake, frog, teeth, raspberry cream and licorice allsorts. 

What's your favourite?

Hand assembled clear acrylic filled with a variety of coloured frosted & glitter acrylic and a two tone silver & black lid with a brooch finding on the rear.

Size: 38mm x 65mm x 7mm

Made in Melbourne, Australia

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