Emergency Tea Brooch

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Emergency Tea Brooch

Sometimes there is nothing better than a cup of tea but how impractical is it having to carry around your favourite tea cup. Worry no more, at last what every tea drinker has wished for...an emergency tea cup complete with cute little whisps of steam. 

Hand assembled clear acrylic, red acrylic with a hand painted white acrylic tea cup. Finished with a brooch finding on the rear.

Size: 47mm x 63mm x 12mm

Designed & assembled in Melbourne, Australia


*The Tea Cup is purely decorative so don't try to break the 'glass' because it's not glass it's plastic and if you break it, you'll ruin your brooch and the tiny Tea Cup inside can't be removed so really, this brooch is useless in an emergency. You will however have an amazing talking piece.  

**This brooch contains small pieces and is not intended for children under 12 years of age. This brooch is NOT a toy. If this brooch is disassembled it could become a choking hazard, please discard immediately.

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