Bateman's Axe Brooch

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Bateman's Axe Brooch

Do you like Huey Lewis & The News?

Not a traditional Halloween designed brooch but still within the realm of dangerously scary stuff. American Psycho, Patrick Bateman's axe is stored in this 'break glass incase of an emergency' box. He called his Lawyer, left a message on his answering machine and now YOU have one of the tools of his trade. 

Do you like Phil Collins?

Hand assembled clear acrylic, red acrylic, bamboo & 2 tone silver plastic. Finished with a brooch finding on the rear.

Size: 47mm x 63mm x 12mm

Designed & assembled in Melbourne, Australia


*The axe doesn't work so don't try to break the 'glass' because it's not glass it's plastic and if you break it, you'll ruin your brooch and the tiny axe inside can't be removed so really, this brooch is useless in an emergency. You will however have an amazing talking piece.  

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