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Jumbo Brooch/Jewelry Hanger- 98 pockets!

The Makings of Miss Jones

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Display or tuck away!

These nifty bags are going to be your new favourite thing!

They come in two sizes- both designed to fit a standard sized door (or be hung on a wall), the jumbo houses 98 large clear pockets to fit mini to large brooches- as you can see by mine in the picture  (jumbo size) i have a few pockets actually holding more then one brooch- the same size pockets are on the large size which houses 70 pockets- this size is the right width for a wardrobe but a little too long so i will be working on a wardrobe functioning one in the near future.

Both bags are white with the Miss Jones line drawings printed onto them in a subtle light tan shade, they have the logo at the top inside embossed into vegan leather and ties at the back, so if you need to put your pretties away or travel with them all you have to do is roll the bag up, tie it and go! Ofcourse these don't have to fit just brooches, you can use them for anything you want!

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