Alena Kochenkova


Alena Kochenkova

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Acrylic brooch Penguin is a great accessory for any image. Penguin Brooch is always a stylish decoration for any outfit or simply the perfect gift!

This charming brooch was made of 3 mm Plexiglas, using laser cutting, as well as a lovingly assembled by their handles.
All Brooches are packed in the original gift box and sent one class of Barnaul, Siberia, Russia. This ornament is perfect for bird lovers or just cool and original things!

Material: white/silvet/black/gold acrylic; Swarovski crystal

Brooch dimensions: 80x34x6mm

Mounting: Flush mount with silver lock


Organic glass is easily scratched, be careful. For better storage use the original packaging. If brooch is dirty, clean it with a cloth microfiber. When cleaning, do not use ammonia, solvents, alcohol, abrasives, and turpentine.

Design brooches ALENA KOCHENKOVA. All jewellery are created just for you with love.

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