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Olive Branch

Alena Kochenkova

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Olive Branch

Acrylic brooch Olive branch is a great accessory for any image. Olive branch Brooch is always a stylish decoration for any outfit or simply the perfect gift!

This charming brooch Olive branch was made of 3 mm and 4mm Plexiglas, using laser cutting, as well as a lovingly assembled by their handles.
All Brooches are packed in the original gift box.

Materials: Green/White/Brown/Lime green Acrylic; 

Brooch size: 90x47x7mm

Mounting: Flush mount with silver lock


Organic glass is easily scratched, be careful. For better storage use the original packaging. If brooch is dirty, clean it with a cloth microfiber. When cleaning, do not use ammonia, solvents, alcohol, abrasives, and turpentine.

Design brooches ALENA KOCHENKOVA. All jewellery is created just for you with love.

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